Disaster Recovery

Is your company prepared for the worst?

various disaster prepping itemsData integrity is the most important aspect of IT management.  Unfortunately it is often overlooked by inexperienced administrators or seen as a profit booster by providers who are quick to offer ’magic boxes'. These magic boxes go in place with little more than an acknowledgement that they have been installed and a quick promise of "you are covered". Unfortunately we have see many cases where these devices fail and several where they were doing nothing at all. In the end the business gets stuck holding a scattered puzzle that will never be whole again. The IT provider gets swept out the door. This is where we often walk in: left to start picking up the pieces. It's never pretty.

We now live in a world where we all generate a tremendous amount of data. A lot of which can never be recreated. Whether we are talking about digital pictures of your child’s first steps, or an accounting database that would be nearly impossible to rebuild, we know you can’t afford to lose your data.

At Green Line, disaster recovery is placed at the forefront of what we do.  We use solutions that work at multiple levels to give the best chance of recovery in any sort of disaster. Our standard solution includes drive mirroring on critical systems, staggered local and remote system backups, all the way up to cloud storage.  Often we will use virtual machines ensure that a recovery is fast even in worst case scenarios. All of this is done using standard services created by premium and cutting edge software developers. Lastly, we enable email notification to all key parties that decide to receive it. This way, it won't be a question as to whether you are backing up anymore. You will know by email when your backups finish on schedule. If there is a problem, you and our technicians will know immediately. No more black boxes of mystery, just a solution that works.