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3CX Phone System 12.5 Features |

- Friday, February 27, 2015

A new version of 3CX Phone systems is out!  This version has some pretty nice features.  Here's a quick look at them:

WebRTC - 3 CX Phone Systems 12.5 has integrated WebRTC into the system.  This allows for video calling/conferencing and a click to call function.

Video Calling: Each extension in version 12.5 has it's own webRTC call link. This call link can be used to make video calls, or share the link and start a video conference easily.

Click - to - Call: Businesses can now put an embedded call button on their website.  When the customer clicks this button it initiates a VoIp call on the 3CX Phone System to the business right from the browser. The call can

be voice or video, and can share screens to better show products or to better assist a
customer.  These call buttons are unlimited so the customer can be directed to the appropriate assistance by specific buttons. Inbound calls made from the click - to - call feature are free. Includes a WordPress Plugin to
easily integrate with a website.

Advanced Telephony Features: Blind Transfers can be either returned to the initiating party, or opt for automatic call back if the receiving party is busy. CTI Support now also allows attended transfers right from the desktop.

Updated 3CX Phone System for Mac Clients: updates include echo cancellation, ease scheduling web conferences, and better phone book handling.

Improved Chat for 3CX Phone System Windows Clients: Chats can now be easily transferred to WebRTC calls and turned into meetings easily.