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The Cloud Buzzword |

- Friday, August 21, 2015

Cloud computing.  Everyone is talking about it in some form.  Almost everyone has something on the cloud whether they know it or not.  Companies are slowly migrating everything possible to a cloud service. What makes the cloud so desirable? Let's go over a few of the details.

Scalability.  You can start small with just enough of the space and amenities you need, then add as your company grows. You can also start big with a lot of space for a big temporary project and scale down your cloud space as the project winds down.  Building in the cloud, whether making more space or removing extra space, is relatively easy.

Costs. Starting a server on the cloud is less costly than trying to set up a traditional server. The most obvious saving is the hardware.  There is no initial hardware purchase, just a monthly lease.  There is no big expensive server needing it's own closet in the building.  It's now a virtual machine happily computing away in the cloud. Additionally there is no need for maintenance for the hardware. That is all taken care of for you.

Reliability (availability).  Now this can range with the cloud computing provider you choose. Most providers offer between 99.95% and 99.99%.  That converts to about 5 - 20 minutes of down time, per month.