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Self-Driving Cars

Thomas Topp - Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Apple has a new infrared patent

- Saturday, July 16, 2016

Recently Apple received approval for a patent on technology which can allow them to disable the camera in your phone with an infrared signal.  This technology could stop people from creating videos at concerts, or at the movies.  The patent describes how the infrared signal can be directed to only work in the areas where photography is prohibited. For instance, when at a concert the signal would disable your camera when you try to take pictures or videos toward the stage, but when you take a picture of your friend next to you in the crowd it wouldn't. Apple also states that the infrared signal can alter what your camera detects.  Making videos or photos fuzzy, or adding content to the photo or video.  In the museum you go to take a photo of your favorite artist's work, Apple's technology could send information about the work to your phone to display the details of the piece. More...

Is winter bad for my devices?

- Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Many people now work on mobile devices daily.  Whether it's a phone, a laptop, or a tablet, it moves with us.  Inside, outside, upside down.  Because we adapt fairly well to the conditions we put ourselves in, we don't give the devices a second thought until a problem arises.  I've even made excuses as to why my phone doesn't want to recognize my touch when I come in out of the cold (obviously my fingers are too cold to register on the screen).  Is the way we now carry our technologies through life with us putting them more at risk than the old reliable pc that stayed nobly on our desks?   More...