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Meet Cortana

- Friday, August 28, 2015

Windows 10 is out.  It has a few new features, the return of some old dearly missed features, and just the general sense of awe new windows versions inspire in that first wave of newness.  And it has Cortana. Cortana is just like Apple's Siri, right?  Almost.  Cortana can follow the flow and context of a line of questions. So when you ask it about something and follow up with a secondary question, you don't have to repeat half of the first question. Cortana knows you're still asking about the same thing.  Cortana can also follow you from your computer to your windows phone to your tablet to any device running windows 10, or with the Cortana app (Currently in beta for android phones and becoming available for iphones later this year). It also has the capability to set up reminders for individual contacts.  So if I notice it's my mom's birthday, I can tell Cortana to remind me to wish her a happy birthday the next time I talk to her.  When I go to call my mom later that day, or she calls me, there's a reminder from Cortana to wish my mom a happy birthday. This I find really helpful. It even has a place in the business world.  Say I'm at home looking over notes from a meeting and notice Jim had some good points but I didn't get enough clarification during the meeting.  I can tell Cortana to remind me to ask for details when I talk to Jim again.  Cortana makes the reminder, I go to work the next day, go to email Jim, and Cortana's reminder makes sure I don't forget to ask for the details I had thought of the night before.  More...

Updating the idea of updates.

- Monday, January 12, 2015

I play video games.  When I start a new game for the first time, I like to play offline for a little bit. Learn the controls, get into the story line, die repeatedly making silly mistakes without an audience, just get the hang of the game. Depending on the game and the platform, when I finally get online I have the inevitable wait for updates and getting everything current. It usually takes a bit longer than my enthusiasm to play wants to wait. I once made the mistake of hitting the cancel button on the updates so I could just hurry up and play. I thought I was brilliant! Then the hidden level started. Okay it wasn't really hidden, I didn't have the update to make it active on my game. That character is still stuck in a loop in cyberspace waiting for an exit to show up out of a cave.  More...

Bitcoin? What is all the hype about?

Craig Holton - Tuesday, July 15, 2014

If you follow technology or economic news very closely, chances are that you have heard of Bitcoin.  If you are like most people you don't have the slightest clue what it is or what all the hype is about. Proponents herald it as the future of money, while the opposition insists that "monopoly money" is a more apt description.  So what is it?  That's actually kind-of complicated.  Probably better to start with what is it good for.  More...