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Keep your smart house secure

Craig Holton - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

As the technological advances of our world increase daily, so do the dangerous risks of intrusions from strangers.  With Smart Homes we are now able to control virtually all electronically wired systems in our homes from a smartphone app or Web portal.  These smart home technologies allow us to control audio, lighting, security, video feeds, climate control, communications, and more.  As convenient as this can be, we must remember that once information is brought to the internet there is a possibility that it could get hacked.  A number of the earliest smart home systems do not require a username or a password.  Once someone is be connected to your Wi-Fi network, the system assumes that they are an authorized user.  Therefore, if one can manage to connect to someone’s Wi-Fi network, they could possibly take full control of the smart home system.  It is just one more reason to stay vigilant about security, as I doubt anyone wants to have their house hacked More...

The government is now deciding what information is "safe" for you to know.

Craig Holton - Thursday, May 09, 2013

There was a bit of a stir caused this week when Texas based Defense Distributed was the first to announce that they had created a functional 3D printed gun.  As a clear broadside to the feasibility of currently popular gun control legislation the Feds have not taken this sitting down.  Today the State Department ordered the the company to quit sharing the CAD files for creating the weapons, citing international gun control law.   More...