Dell Server Support

Are you having trouble with your Dell Server or other servers?

Business interruptions due to server issues are unwelcome and are a sign that there is a major problem. Green Line Solutions can help you support your Dell or other servers and ensure you’re set up for success. We provide custom, scalable, and versatile server support and configuration for your business. With years of server experience and expertise, count on Green Line to solve your most pressing issues and to properly configure your servers.

Sometimes your hardware, new or old, doesn’t quite get the job done or is experiencing a recurring or new problem. Frequently we hear from new clients when their server is having frequent issues such as unexpected shut downs or restarts in the middle of the day. Sometimes staff will restart servers and other infrastructure multiple times a week to keep their systems running normally. Sometimes these clients have been told by their existing IT that it is normal to have to restart their server frequently or mid day to resolve issues.

How Can Green Line Help with Trouble Resolution?

Server issues can range in complexity from extremely simple to very complicated. With Green Line you can trust that we will quickly find the root of the issue and come up with a plan to resolve it immediately. Even in some of the worst cases we have seen, we are generally able to establish a plan and resolve issues causing instability or major problems within 48 hours. The major bottle neck in these situations is often securing customer data before attempting repair and the initial evaluation and determination of the issue – both of which generally happen simultaneously.

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Whether you have a pressing technical problem or are at the early stage of an IT project, Green Line Solutions is here to help.