Microsoft® Hyper-V Support

What is Hyper-V and how does it work?

Hyper-V is an add-on that is available to Windows Server Standard edition and higher. Microsoft® Hyper-V uses software to create a virtual machine (VM) that sits atop your physical hardware. In doing this, you’re able to run multiple virtual computers or operating systems on a single server. Put simply, virtualization allows you to fully utilize your hardware while separating applications from each other. Each virtual machine gets its own operating system and applications – allowing you to have multiple “servers” within one physical host. This reduces conflict in software packages, and allows maintenance to be done more granularly without effecting other line of business applications. It is because of this, that virtualization actually reduces complexity and maintenance problems within businesses and their networks. These efficiency gains are why virtualization is the backbone of cloud computing. Hyper-V has simply made virtualization easy for small businesses.

How Can Green Line Solutions Help with Hyper-V?

Green Line Solutions’ team of Microsoft Hyper-V experts will help you evaluate problems, configure your Microsoft Hyper-V host, and implement solutions to enable your business to run more smoothy. We are so familiar with Hyper-V, that nearly every physical server we deploy now runs it. Too often we see virtualization simply used within businesses and it is often causing more problems than it is alleviating. Successful deployments involving Hyper-V are done with a full understanding of host hardware, overall server load, guest application needs, and full understanding of the potential complications that come along with the use of Hyper-V. We’ll make sure that your Hyper-V host is running as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Whether you are currently using Hyper-V, are looking to start a new Hyper-V project, or are looking to migrate to Hyper-V from VMware or Citrix, we will help get your project done.

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