Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management has been an extremely important part of business and data security for quite some time. Unfortunately, most companies tend to put this on back burner as a “we’ll do it eventually” project. Meanwhile, their business grows along with their user device count until an issue arises that makes it clear that something needs to change. They may be tired of Iphone’s and Ipad’s being locked to an employee’s personal icloud account after they left the company or maybe a device was lost and there is fear of a data breach having occurred. Regardless of the trigger, not managing end user devices costs money in many ways.

Whether you provide mobile devices to your team or they are using their own, mobile device management is a must. With Green Line setting up and managing your mobile device strategy you can rest easy knowing that your team will be using their mobile devices in a safe and systemized way. We’ll help you configure and manage user setup and roles, track assets, force standardized security policies, app management, and ensure data safety.

How Ignoring Mobile Device Management Costs Businesses:

  • Inability to Enforce Passwords or Wipe Data Remotely (Data Breaches)
  • Mobile Device Creep – Unaccounted for devices/lines aren’t deactivated
  • Lost / User Locked Devices
  • Reduced Efficiency (End Users Self Managing Apps)
  • Lack of Platform Standards / Increased Support

We make MDM Easy:

With our Mobile Device White Glove service, we can work directly with your cellular provider to properly enroll and configure a device (laptop, tablet, or cell phone) to a user. Simply provide us with information about the user and the requested device and we’ll do the work for you of ordering the device, enrolling it in the mobile device management platform, as well as putting a physical case and screen protector on your device. What you receive is a device ready to power on and work with. We’ll even work with your wireless carrier to make sure you are getting the best rates possible.

To learn more about how lack Mobile Device Management can harm your business, download our White Paper here:

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