IT Project Management

Anyone that has been through a painful IT project, or that has suffered the ramifications of a project-gone-awry due to an overlooked IT or network issue will tell you they wish they spent more time planning the project and laying the framework for success — NOT fixing the problem retroactively.

Green Line Solutions will help you with just that: ensuring your most important projects go smoothly, on-time, and on budget. 

Whether you’re moving or expanding your office, changing CRM or other line of business software, migrating to a new server or storage setup or working on a complex project with a multiple stakeholders, Green Line will help you every step of the way.

We think of it this way: 

A project that you may take on every 10-15 years, we may do it quarterly. A once a year problem for your organization may be a weekly initiative for our team. We work with organizations that have 1 – 600+ employees and have deployed phone systems in excess of 1200 extensions in one project.

We’ll help you see the path forward and make sure that there’s nothing hiding in the weeds. Keep your most strategic projects on time and under control with Green Line.

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Whether you have a pressing technical problem or are at the early stage of an IT project, Green Line Solutions is here to help.