Laptop Repair

Mobile devices lead a tough life. If you have a laptop computer you have probably had more than one cringe inducing moment when it got kicked, dropped, or stepped on. Luckily laptops are rugged and make it through a surprising amount of abuse unscathed. Too bad we don't always get lucky. When damage does occur, it is often prohibitively expensive to get a laptop repaired. Some suppliers won't even attempt to fix them.

When your laptop does get damaged Green Line is happy to help. Don't throw away perfectly good equipment over one damaged component! We will replace screens, keyboards, hard drives*, and touchpads for a flat rate of $50 over the cost of parts (a typical laptop screen costs $30-$100), and if we can't fix it you don't pay a dime.



*Hard Drive replacement does not include data retrieval or software installation. Additional services are available for additional fees.