On-Site and Remote Technical Support

PC Maintenance is the foundation that Green Line is built on.

The humble PC is the base of any corporate network. At its core IT companies must be skilled in installing, maintaining, and repairing PCs. We have partnered with Dell and Lenovo to offer some of the most solid performance in the industry. We have partnered with Eset to provide excellent security with an exceptionally light resource footprint. We have years of experience smoothly integrating all common productivity software and many industry specific software packages. In other words, our first line of support is preventing downtime in the first place.

 When the unfortunately inevitable downtime does occur, we are quick act. We can fix many problems remotely, with you allowing us remote access simply by clicking a link on our web site! With more severe problems, our highly mobile technicians will come to you and either fix any problem on site or take the PC with them to repair and return.