Virtual Computing Technology

Efficiency gains can be virtually unbelievable.

The days of a single domain controller and application server running even the smallest of businesses has passed. Businesses rely upon multiple applications and databases to get their work or product completed every day. These applications often conflict with eachother when installed on the same operating system. This creates a need for multiple isolated servers focusing on individual tasks instead of one big server that runs everything. Additionally, when it comes time to update one software package, it may cause problems with another product running on the same server. This is because different programs may rely on conflicting software distributions. Virtualization allows you to avoid these issues and optimize performance while saving you from the burden of purchasing multiple servers. The Green Line team has been working with virtualization technology since it was in its infancy and is highly experienced at avoiding these issues. Our experienced staff can help you implement virtualization, and can even convert current physical infrastructure so that you can take advantage of virtualization benefits.

Green Line is committed to reducing your hardware cost while providing the solution your company truly needs. This commitment has led to us heavily deploying virtual machine technology. If your current IT provider is not using virtualization, they are missing opportunities to save you money and from potential downtime or upgrade issues.